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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Saint Francis Xavier, Jesuit priest, Spanish missionary teaching in India and Japan, was born in the Spanish kingdom of Navarre.
Father Francis Xavier, Spanish founder of the Jesuits, 35, and three friends set sail from Lisbon, Portugal for Goa. They became the first Roman Catholic missionaries to travel to India.
4/7/1818 British Government imposed 'State Prisoners Regulation III -1818' for detention and deportion of political prisoners and revolutionaries without any trial. This black act was in force till 1947 when India got independence.
4/7/1920 Ravi Shankar Bhattacharya, renowned Sitar player (Sounds of India), was born in Banaras, India.
4/7/1929 England's Imperial Airways had extended its flight to London-Karachi instead of London-Kahira. It was the first commercial air service in undivided India.
4/7/1934 Mahatma Gandhi suspended his campaign of civil disobedience in India.
4/7/1935 Shankar Abaji Bhise, famous Indian scientist, died.
4/7/1938 Kashiram Chhabildas Rana was born in Surat (Gujarat).
4/7/1942 Anandshankar Bapubhai Dhruv, famous Gujarati expert, Sanskrit Pandit and editor of a monthly magzine, died.
4/7/1962 Umrigar slams 172* vs WI at Port-of-Spain in 248 minutes.
4/7/1986 Charles Sobhraj and his associate David Hall were nabbed at Mapusa in Goa.
4/7/1987 In a case filed by Saira Banu of Kerela, Supreme Court held that all wives, including Muslim women, whose husbands have either married again or taken a mistress are entitled to maintenance.
4/7/1993 Narsimha Rao,PM, arrives in Bangkok on a three-day visit to Thailand.
4/7/1997 Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan finalise preparations for a new trade bloc called 'Growth Quadrangle'.
4/7/1997 NAM foreign ministers two-day conference begins in New Delhi.
4/7/1998 Soli Sorabjee is appointed Attorney-General of India.
4/7/2000 The Delhi police unearth a multicrore cricket betting and match- fixing racket involving five South African cricketers, including the captain Hansie Cronje. A Delhi-based Indian operator Rajesh Kalra put behind bars.


Other Historical Dates and Events
3/7/1961Govind Ballabh Pant passed away. He had served eight years as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He was bestowed with Bharat Ratna in 1959.
3/16/1986Internationally wanted criminal Charles Sobharaj and 6 other prisoners escape from Tihar Jail.
3/13/1992Indumati Ramkrishna Shevde, famous writer, critic and painter, passed away.
8/8/1991India and Soviet Union extend their treaty of peace, friendship and co-operation for 20 more years.
12/12/2000J.H. Patel, (71), senior Janata Dal (U) leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister, died in Bangalore.
2/5/1949Judgement on Gandhi's murder; Godse and Apte to be executed.
9/18/1867Ganganendranath Tagore, great painter, patriot and artist, was born in Calcutta.
12/10/1907Rudyard Kipling, author of `The Jungle Book' and `Kim', received the Nobel prize for literature.
1/18/1994Narasimha Rao decides to retain Veerappa Moily as Karnataka CM.
11/17/1925Jemini Ganesh, film actor, was born.