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HIT: The 2nd Case (Telugu)
Krishna Dev aka KD, a laid back cop, works in AP HIT, has to take up a gruesome murder case. As KD unravels the layers of the crime, the stakes rise unbelievably high and the threat comes unusually close. [more]

Nishana (Punjabi)
Two unemployed young boys arrive at a railway track for committing suicide. They become friends but unfortunately are arrested by police who are trying to pin them for some unsolved crime cases. So they escape from the police station and reach a remote village where they find an aim in life. What is their aim? Will they be successful? [more]

Pattathu Arasan (Tamil)
Poththaari is a former kabaddi player. He has two wives. The family lives together happily. Even though one has many heirs with one of his wives and just one with the other, the properties should be split equally as per the law. [more]

Agent Kannayiram (Tamil)
Kannayiram, a detective, forcefully staying in his native village for the asset dispute of his family heirloom. Aadhirai, a documentary filmmaker who visits the village for her Project work meets Kannayiram for her interview. [more]

Padavettu (Malayalam)
The coming of age drama portray the relentless pursuit of the layman, the oppressed section of society who is in a constant struggle and fight to reclaim their unique identity and rightful place in a world meant for all. [more]

Padachone Ingalu Katholi (Malayalam)
Dineshan, Grace, Giri, KK and Gund Saji are involved in leftwing politics. Dineshan gets attracted to a girl who stays over at his house and she makes him consider all the occurrences that happen at home and take action for them. [more]

Agent (Telugu)
The film revolves around a story of a secret Agent who's partner has been killed by an unknown person and he is threatened to kill as well. The Agent is either asked to kill or die. [more]

Bhediya (Hindi)
On a very special and magical night that only happens once a year, Bhaskar is bitten by a wolf. He gets bitten and gains wolf-like characteristics and tendencies as a result, transforming him into a werewolf on full moon nights! [more]

Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam (Telugu)
Set in the jungles, where tribals live who have never voted in their entire life. As they continue to face many problems, they decide to fight the government that is unwilling to help them. After living with the tribal people, Allari Naresh learns what is happening and decides to fight on their behalf. [more]

Kooman (Malayalam)
The story is about a strict police officer who relocates to a hilly village on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Few normal incidents that take place suddenly appear to be abnormal. [more]

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