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Historical Event on 6/12/1976

Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj, editor and master, died at Varanasi.

Other Historical Dates and Events
10/17/1932Rani Gaidinliu, freedom fighter, social reformer and political leader, was captured by the British army.
12/12/1959Dwight D. Eisenhower, American President, came to India.
11/27/1920Kanhaiyalal Bhagwandas Harjal, educationist, was born at Mohpa, Maharashtra.
12/8/1996Sachin Tendulkar became the youngest cricketer to make 3000 runs in test cricket (at the age of 23 yrs and 228 days.)
7/10/1994Ramrao Raghoba Rane, Paramveer Chakra awardee, died.
10/16/1878Vallathol Narayana Menon, great freedom fighter, poet and writer, was born at Chennara village in Kerala.
4/2/1926The worst Hindu-Muslim riots break out in Calcutta.
9/17/1997Advance railway reservation period extended from 30 to 60 days w.e.f. February 01, 1998.
8/26/1852Bombay Association was established.
8/13/1997The contentious women's reservation bill put on the back burner with PM Gujral saying govt. would not push through such a major social legislation until there was a consensus on it.