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Historical Event on 6/12/1970

Gopinath Kaviraj, Padmavibhushan awardee and critic, passed away.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/4/1966ndo-Pak Summit, the peace talk between Pakistan and Indian leaders, started at Tashkent. The prominent personalities were Lal Bahadur Shastri and Gen. Ayub Khan.
5/15/1992Harshad Mehta suspended.
12/7/1856First Hindu widow married officially.
6/22/1991M. Karunanidhi, DMK President, resigned from the Assembly.
4/15/1975India recognises the Sihanouk Government in Cambodia.
11/14/1959Nehru rejects China's proposal for a mutual withdrawal of troops from a border buffer zone.
12/15/1908Swami Ranga Natahananda, was born at Trikkur, Kerala.
4/10/1982Indian National Satellite (INSAT-1A) launched. First operational multi-purpose communication and meteorology satellite procured from U.S.A.(Cape Canaveral).
8/27/1958Metric system of weights and measures introduced.
10/5/1990Parliament passed the 76th Amendment Bill to extend President's rule in Punjab for another six months from November 10, 1990.