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Historical Event on 6/12/1960

783 Sikhs are arrested while demonstrating for an independent Sikh state in New Delhi.

Other Historical Dates and Events
5/1/1992Seperate secretariat was established for primary education.
1/20/1898Krishnarao Ganeshpant Fulanbrikar (Master Krishnarao), famous singer, actor and music director, was born.
3/21/1977Internal Emergency, promulgated on June 25, 1975, withdrawn by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
11/11/1906Chetput Ramaswami Pattabhi Raman, politician and social worker, was born at Madras.
2/25/1970Mannathu Padmanabhan, great social worker and president of the Tranvancore Devasworn Board, passed away.
5/27/1990Om Prakash Chautala, former CM, wins Mehem by-election.
8/16/1991C. Achuta Menon, former CM of Kerala, passed away.
12/27/1990DMK led Pondicherry ministry, headed by D. Ramachandran, resigns following loss of majority.
9/1/1913Snehangshu Kanta Acharya, politician, social reformer, lawyer and athelete, was born.
2/9/2000The Madras High Court suspends the one-year jail sentence passed by a Special Court against the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Ms. Jayalalitha, in the 'Pleasant Stay Hotel Case'.