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Historical Event on 7/6/1995

Five foreign tourists trekking in Kashmir 10 km uphill from Pahalgam were abducted by militants.

Other Historical Dates and Events
8/2/1880Bellary Raghava, famous actor, lawyer, social worker and dramatist, was born.
8/19/1947Vinayak Damodar Karnataki (Master Vinayak), famous Marathi actor, director and producer, died.
1/21/1997First group of bank documents relating to Bofors case handed over to Indian Government.
5/18/1775Warren Hastings expressed doubt of hanging Nandkumar.
9/22/1687Aurangzeb ended Kutubshah kingdom.
9/4/1997Dharmavir Bharti, great journalist and editor of Dharamyug, died at 6 am.
6/24/1991K. Karunakaran ministry assumes power in Kerala.
4/11/1992Marathi cinema's Bhaichandra Govind Pendharkar gets Phalke Award.
5/21/1994Sushmita Sen (Miss India), 18, was crowned as the 43rd Miss Universe.
10/9/1942Bibi Amar Kaur, freedom fighter, successfully hoisted the national flag at Jail Gate of Lahore. She was then arrested and send to Ambala Jail.