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Subject: An old servant ready to serve his companion
Name: Oldservant
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10''
Details: I am a divorced 72+ year old Welsh-Irish retired educator who is seeking a godly wife, has some significant physical disabilities, believes God’s Word to him in the Bible is that he should be married, who is a committed disciple of the crucified, risen & soon to return Jesus; who loves and enjoys helping people find Biblical Christ centered solutions for their lives, problems and dreams; who moderates 30+ online Bible teaching and fellowship groups and web sites; who attends 4 Christian services or fellowship groups weekly; who enjoys very much Christian services given to the praise, worship, adoration and thanksgiving to Father and Son; who daily enjoys listening to Christian music, who daily follows the news for prayer and for my web groups, who enjoys Christian movies and musicals, and who really enjoys in depth Bible studies.
Interested in : Female for Dating
Looking For: I am seeking fellowship & friendship with joyful Christians who (1) can accept one who loves Jesus wholeheartedly (in deed & in word according to the Word), seeking to obey Him & His Word in all areas of my life; (2) is tolerant/ accepting of all races, all nationalities, interracial & inter-ethnic marriages, & the wide variety of cross-cultural forms of Judeo-Christian marriage;(3) is open to a mutually edifying relationship with open communications & a willingness to share, grow & learn in that relationship; (4) is a diligent Bible student and/or Bible reader who enjoys talking about what they are learning; (5) and who enjoys praising, worshiping with raised hands, and the giving of thanks to the Father and the Son
Location:Spring Valley,CA
Member of:LAIndian.com
Last Login5/2/2014 4:42:00 PM


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